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Data Science & Visualization Services

Data Visualization is defined

Data Science, DB quality control and data mining are the essential steps to build a data visualization model

Therefore the next big thing in this workflow are data validating, integrity and troubleshooting in real time

  • Data Science
  • DB quality control & integrity
  • Data mining & validating
  • Visualization 3D & 4D Model
  • Real time troubleshooting
  • Mapping and interpretation
  • Characterization & Optimization

Data science gives meaning

…to any aspect of life, from a daily shopping list and cooking recipe to heavy load of data needed to send human being to the moon…it is all about connecting the dots and build meaningful model…that is life.

In the meantime we need data mapping and interpretation for complete certainty in Geological tops and structural models

While characterization and production optimization are so important in 3D modelling data management

Data science In addition, to monitor a geo-steering process we have to consider datum transformation…and customization across platforms rather an essential piece of this puzzle.

In conclusion, to solve conflict between geological & engineering data sets we have to accept the following facts. We need data query, manipulation, analysis & import/export between many applications.

Blue Marble Global Mapper, GeoGraphix, Esri ArcGIS, Surfer, Oil Field Manager (OFM), Petra, Seisware, IHS Energy Suite of AccuMap & Enerdeq, GeoSCOUT, CMG, Petrel, LAS pro, IHS Data Manager, Avocet, Production Explorer, MS Office Suite with Advanced Excel

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