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Data Analysis & Information Quality Control Portal

How I define Data Analysis

“Data Analysis & Information Quality Control (according to Vafa Maanihesari, founder of Defined data)…is the life blood for data science in any business sector…”Vafa Maanihesari

I am a Data Expert Consultant with 15 year experience in the energy industry, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas…in addition to sustainable work in Geo-science and Subsurface Data Management.

I develop & maintain geological databases; while taking care of mapping for engineers and geologists. Consequently inspect, examine and analyze all sorts of text, image and shape files.

You can count on my expertise on building digital elevation, geology and simulation models. Therefore the company infrastructure will be safe guarded and as a result full certainty and confidence will be restored.

Data Analysis

Essential Digital Skills

  • Troubleshooting
  • Resolving data issues
  • While training and application support for Geo-science team

I define these as strong back bone of a well established business in today’s competitive market

Applying scientific knowledge, data engineering and ingenuity.

In conclusion consider these the essence of well defined success even so we can compliment them furthermore with capabilities such as fluency in English, Spanish and Persian

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