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Strategic Data Modelling & Analysis

Data modelling is one of the most popular and the greatest of all time processes and needs of our society. To define, analyze and customize data required to support the business livelihood as well as interaction between individuals, institutions and community.

The scope of corresponding information in any system is so vast and the resulting network is so diverse. Many people do not see the whole spectrum and Therefor it is quite often left out.

To define elements, structures and the relationship(s) between raw data, information and acquiring knowledge are just part of this puzzle.

At Defined Data Canada we can help you with all sorts of data modelling.In any business, conversion and customization of raw data, quality control and relevancy of end result with produced information. purity of integration and workflow as it is tailored into required knowledge for the right person at the right time and place, vision and architecture.IoT Chart-lite


Cartography & Digital Elevation Model

Cartography, Digital Elevation Model & 3D Mapping are recognized as the best workflows for today’s hectic and Meticulous business environment. Therefore a special attention to high quality 2d & 3d data, rather model building will put you ahead of this race.Satellite

Digital Elevation Model