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Data Analysis Consultants

Defined Data Canada is a member of Alberta Prime Resources Ltd.

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Quality and Assurance

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Data Quality & integrity

Data validation and integrity, data base quality control, data mining & mapping, data query & manipulation, analysis & import/export

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Troubleshooting & Data Customization

Troubleshooting in real time, datum transformation and customization across platforms, solving data conflict between geological & engineering data sets

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3D Modelling & Data Management

Geological tops, structural models, characterization, production optimization, monitoring geo-steering process

Featured portfolio project

Our most popular works

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Geo-Engineering projects

Created projects for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Montana in GeoDB applications, QC over 150,000 wells, digital cross sections and analysis

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Production Optimization

Production analysis, bubble maps, porosity & perm contour maps, customizing Geo Eng data in simulation model, improving up to 50% turnaround time

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Technical Mentorship

Mentored junior technologists, summer students, entry level geologists & geophysicists on data processing and software training

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Landman Data for Geo-scientists

Converted hand contour maps to digital data & calculated volumetric, transformed Landman maps to formats accepted by geo-scientists

Our Commitment

Excellence and Harmony in Diversity

May 22, 2016 No Comments

Strategic Data Modelling & Analysis

Data modelling is one of the most popular and the greatest of all time processes and needs of our society. To define, analyze and customize data required to support the business livelihood as well as interaction between individuals, institutions and community. The scope of corresponding information in any system is so vast and the resulting […]

April 10, 2016 No Comments

Cartography & Digital Elevation Model

Cartography, Digital Elevation Model & 3D Mapping are recognized as the best workflows for today’s hectic and Meticulous business environment. Therefore a special attention to high quality 2d & 3d data, rather model building will put you ahead of this race.